About envelopes

Envelope history

As history goes, the envelope is a comparative newcomer, but its predecessors go back as far as recorded history. Perhaps the first of these "envelopes" was the clay wrapper used by the Babylonians in 2000 B.C. to protect documents such as bookkeeping accounts, deeds, mortgages, and quite possibly letters as well. The clay in its plastic state was folded over the original message, crimped together, then baked. [read more...]

The making of envelopes

The road from paper to envelope.
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Basic elements of an envelope

Most of us deal with envelopes everyday, but do you know anything abouts its components?
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Standard formats

The rectangular shape is rarely used by nature, maybe never, but it is used by humans very often throughout time.
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Envelopes customisation

What do you have to keep in mind when you decide to order customized envelopes?
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Envelopes quality

Which elements define the quality of envelopes?
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