Envelopes quality

Quality Features to Look For
Well-manufactured envelopes, like the ones you'll find at Western States, assist your printing, production and inserting productivity. These quality envelopes should have the following:

  • Tightly sealed corners and flaps.
  • Straight flaps (not curled).
  • An accurate, distinct fold line.
  • Smooth seams without puckers.
  • Properly placed patches on window envelopes.
  • No holes or clipped edges.

Care and Storage

Envelopes should be stored and stacked properly to keep them in peak condition. In cartons or boxes, envelopes should always be standing on edge.
Stay away from leaving envelopes lie flat or storing them in partially empty boxes—the envelopes can become distorted and their flaps can stick together.
Keep boxes and cartons for envelopes sealed in a dry, well-ventilated area.
To properly seal an envelope, make sure the contents are not too bulky. Moisten the entire adhesive surface and hold firmly until it's sealed.
If you machine seal envelopes, make sure your moisture applicator is cleaned at least once a month, depending on usage. After every 25 envelopes, press your pile to ensure proper sealing.