Which is the minimum quantity of customized envelopes/gift bags that I can purchase?

The minimum quantity of customized envelopes is 1000 items, and that of gift bags is 500 items. At larger quantities, the production and printing costs are smaller, so in consequence the price is lower as well. For example, the printing costs for 2000 items as opposed to the printing cost of 1000 items is half as much.

How long will it take for my order to be processed?

It takes 6 working days from the day we registered your order.


What costs are involved in processing of my order?

There is a processing fee of 6 EUR per graphic, that covers the DTP work and film making costs. This fee is taken only once, so if a particular order is repeated there will be no processing fee involved the second time.

How is my order delivered?

The delivery of your purchase is made through Nemo (Express Delivery) by next day shipping. The shipping costs are covered by us for orders at a minimum value of 600 RON. For all rest it will be a charge of 10 RON per delivery.

Which is the payment policy?

Payments are made either by check or by BO – 30 days payment time, at delivery.

Where are the envelopes produced?

The production takes place in Bucharest, and from there they are sent out to the entire country.

What is the full background?

TheFull background is the cover of the entire envelope surface with color.

What is polichrom?

The Polichromy is the process of obtaining the desired image through a mix of 4 colors : Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK)

What is the Pantone code?

The Pantone code contains 14 basic colors (defined) which through mixing have as a result a large scale of shades. These shades are special colors (mixed) each have their own definite code.

In what form should I give you the graphics?

The graphics should be a .cdr file converted to curves (Corel).

Which is the interior/exterior of the envelope?

The exterior of the envelope is where you write the addresses and other messages, the interior is which contains the information you are sending.

What kind of envelopes can be produced?

Any kind! Given the fact that we are producers, we can adapt to any of your needs, practically anything is possible!